Unsure on Kit?

If you are unsure on any kit requirements at AP Saints, we have created a quick guide for you at the link below.



We attempt to fulfil the orders as fast as possible, but please understand this is solely volunteer run, and the club has over 300 players.

Most orders will be fulfilled within 7 days (usually at the start of the week).

Hoodies may take up to 2 weeks to be printed.

We maintain a level of dresses in stock. However if we have a shortage of a certain size, the club will have to batch order them, usually on the 1st day of the month. Gilbert states an order time of up to 8 weeks.


By Post (Paid):

Orders are

To Training Sessions (Free):

The kit will be brought and handed out at the first session after fulfillment.

Returns & Exchanges

We accept exchanges and returns on all unused items, except personalised player hoodies.

Please email apsaintskit@gmail.com to arrange a refund or exchange.

Refunds will appear soon after receiving the confirmation email.


If you require further assistance, please email apsaintskit@gmail.com.

This email is monitored every few days.